Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A New Me (a work in progress)

As part of my new plan of self-improvement, I sketched this guy today with the thought of creating a new, more friendly, avatar.

I said to myself, "Self, now who wouldn't want to click on a cute little penguin?" To which I replied, "Hitler, probably. But I don't want his business anyway." And thus, it was decided.

I wanted the little guy to be pondering what to draw next. Do you think this came across, or does he simply appear to be picking his nose with the pencil?


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'm all for the drawn avatars for drawing blogs :) And yay Penguin! I don't think he looks like he is picking his nose at all.

marcobucci said...

This is definitely friendly and inviting. He looks inquisitive, although I'm not sure I made the connection that he's thinking about what to draw next. That's a really tough one to sell!

!LEON! said...

I think it comes off how you intended. It still has your free lines even though its clean compared to your other stuff. Tnanks for the comments also.

Iggy said...

KOOL! I do get the feeling that he's looking up and thinking. Great stuff.
Hmmm... you might not need the shadow of the pencil on his chest as it'll be seen so small, but it works pretty good on this sketch.
Cool, and thanks for the comments!!!

Tony C. said...

Thanks for the comments guys, and especially for the notes on the design itself.