Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hockey News #15

Well The Hockey News ranked all 29 logos in the AHL. My Iowa Chops logo came in right in the middle at number 15. Not too shabby, but frankly I wasn't too impressed with the top 10. Honestly I would have ranked their number 1 choice somewhere around the middle. But that's really the point of these lists isn't it? So everyone can discuss how wrong or right the choices were.

Anyhoo, they did make a nice comment that the Chops logo " because it is simple and forceful", and since that's very much what I wanted the logo to convey, I would say that makes it a success.

(Link to the List)


Kim Herbst said...

Congrats! That has to be super exciting. I do agree though, it always comes down to the few at the top of a list that makes people question, "what were you thinking?"

DJ eXb said...

Don't sweat it, man. You'll always be #14 in my book!