Friday, November 09, 2007

Pencils and Pubs

Last night after work I swung by the Dallas Museum of Art and did some sketching. On Thursday, the museum is open until 9PM and admission is free! My only issue is that the crowd tends to be more than a little obnoxious, with people speaking loudly on cell phones and to one another. Apparently manners and etiquette are confined to paid nights only.

This giant Polynesian chap elicited quite a few precious comments from the aforementioned classy patrons.

Following the museum I adjourned to a local pub to meet a friend for cocktails and a bite to eat. I brought in my trusty moleskine and cranked out a few more sketches of people at other tables before my friend arrived.

In one of the more interesting moments in the evening, a young lady on the patio, who had with her a fairly large dog, pulled this beast onto her lap and proceeded to give it a massive bear hug. I rushed to sketch them as the dog (a boxer/pit bull looking fellow), hung docilely from her arms during the entire display of affection.

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