Monday, May 21, 2007

Deuce's Family Album

Deuce's Family Album was created for the Frisco RoughRiders as a renewal piece for season ticket holders. It was designed as a unique way to remind people of all they fun they had at the ballpark with their friends, family, and most importantly, the mascot Deuce (who is, by the way a prairie dog). It was sent with a letter encouraging the individual to renew their ticket package for the following season.

The cover illustrations were sketched with pencil, then scanned and painted in Photoshop.

For the inside front and back covers, I created a pattern in Illustrator, and aged it in Photoshop.

A close-up of the pattern.

The inside of the book was composed of photo-illustrations with brief explanations (written mostly by Justin McCord, with a few additions by me). Also accompanying each image was an icon that represented the era of "family photo", and an image of Deuce with his own visual commentary. The layout was created in Adobe InDesign.

A close-up of Deuce's break dancing cousin.

You can download Deuce's Family Album in its entirety here as a pdf. Please note that images linked from the RoughRiders site as MORE Deuce's Family Album were not created by me.

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